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MayStar Cleaners is a cleaning organization that specializes in helping individuals and organisation to tidy up their environments.

We offer a wide range of services, which includes but not limited to;

Standard cleaning, Deep cleaning, Move-in/out cleaning, Office cleaning, Standard cleaning, Dust, Lighting fixtures, Vents, Fans, Door frames, Picture frames, Tables & chairs, Shelves, Blinds1, Behind wall units1, Floors and Baseboards, Vacuum (if provided), Dry mopping, Wet mopping, Wipe down baseboards, Wipe Down, Kitchen counters, Kitchen cabinets1(exterior),Refrigerator (exterior, including top1) etc

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Maystar Cleaners

What makes us special

Cleaning can be a chore and we know you have many choices when you consider hiring a maid service. Because of that, we are constantly striving to improve.


Persionalized Experience

We believe that the key to our success is total customer satisfaction through our excellent service delivery.

Affordable Pricing

We work hard so you don’t have to. We aren’t cheapest, but we won’t ruin your wallet.


We provide topnotch cleaning services designed to keep your home sparkling and beautiful.

Open 24/7

We understand your home is important to you. That’s why we focus on the quality of service and accessible 24/7

Team of Professionals

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